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About Us

Sir George Monoux College

We are a sixth form college based in the heart of Waltham Forest. Monoux was founded in 1527 and was originally a boy’s grammar school up until 1986 when Monoux became a sixth form college for 16-19 year olds.

Sir George Monoux College, founded in 1527 as a boy's grammar school, now stands as a dynamic sixth form college in Waltham Forest. With a history spanning almost 500 years, the college has evolved into a leading educational institution, committed to providing high-quality education to young minds from London and beyond. From its humble beginnings in Walthamstow Village to its modern campus, Sir George Monoux College continues to inspire excellence and growth in its students.

Our Mission Statement

"To give students control of their future by learning and changing  today"


Monoux School

Sir George Monoux (alderman of London and local worthy) erected the Alms-houses, associated school and feast ball for the poor of Walthamstow on a former parcel of St. Mary's Churchyard in 1527 in Walthamstow Village. The Monoux School operated there for 353 years until moving firstly to West Avenue then to High Street, and finally to Chingford Road in 1927. The western end was rebuilt in 1955 following bombing in October 1940.
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Sir George Monoux Grammar School

The school was re-established following a scheme made under the Endowed Schools Act in 1885 in a different part of Walthamstow, temporary premises in West Avenue, and then a purpose-built site in High Street. It moved to the present premises in July 1927. There have been many additions to the buildings since then. In 1961, 1977, 1990, 2002 and 2004. The school remained independent, but came increasingly to depend on local authority grants. From the death of the headmaster, William Spivey, in 1916, it can be regarded as effectively a local authority grammar school. The school was a selective boys grammar school until 1968 catering for boys aged 11–18.
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Sir George Monoux Senior High School

Following reorganisation of secondary education by Waltham Forest council (devised by a Labour council but instituted under a Conservative one), during the years 1968 - 72 it gradually became a comprehensive Senior High School for boys aged 14–18 admitting most of its pupils from the Junior High Schools Chapel End, William Fitt, Warwick Boys School and Aveling Park. The last entry of boys to the main Monoux building was in 1987 who were taught separately to the sixth form but within the same building in Chingford Road. The last entry of boys however was in 1988 who were not taught in the main building but in an "annexe" located in Brookscroft Rd in the old Chapel End Junior High School. This was closed in 1990.
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Sir George Monoux Sixth Form College

Following the London Borough of Waltham Forest's re-organisation of post-16 studies, in 1986 the school became a co educational sixth form college for students aged 16–19 and fully co-educational from 1989. It was funded and administered by the borough from 1986 to 1993 when under the provisions of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 it was incorporated, becoming in effect an independent body funded by the newly formed Further Education Funding Council for England (FEFC).
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Expansion, Diversity, and Educational Excellence

In 2001 the FEFC was replaced with the Learning and Skills Council (LSC). The college driven by government growth targets increased in size from 600 students in 1986 to approximately 2000 students in 2006. The college offers A-level and vocational courses. The college draws students from a wide geographical area of north and east London and from a very wide range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. At present over 95% of the students are from minority ethnic communities.
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Whether you’re interested in Academic or Vocational subjects, we have a course for you. With over 100 different subjects, which open doors to over 25,000 degree courses.


Situated on a single 17.5 acre site, we are one of the most established sixth form colleges in the country, founded almost 500 years ago by George Monoux.


We are the first college in London with a 9.30am lesson start time. We believe in moulding the college day to maximise concentration, focus & general wellbeing.


At Monoux, our students are placed in a ‘Pathway’ based on their aspirations and career prospects beyond sixth form.


Our students have access to outstanding facilities, including our newly refurbished ‘Mentoring Zone’, Apple Mac Suite, Internet Café, Faith Room, Gym & our very own on-site Starbucks!


90% of our students that apply to university gain a place and go onto study at over 75 different universities across the UK and worldwide, including Russell group Universities.


We have an extensive network of partnerships with employers to ensure that our students have access to the best opportunities.


Our Student Ambassadors’ scheme is a collective of dedicated students who are determined to develop their skills and represent student life at Monoux.


Alongside education, supporting our students’ well-being is an important part of their development. Our student welfare consists of; 6 Personal Mentors, a counsellor and Scholarship & Bursary schemes.