Our Pathways

Science & Health Pathway logo


Science for a new generation.

Suited for students who are interested in finding out the role that science and good health can play in the world. Becoming part of this pathway can help you pursue a career in science or the health and care services and make a positive difference to society and the community.

Creative Pathway logo


Create the future.

For Students seeking to develop creative skills and work in creative industries, which contribute over £77 billion per year to the UK’s economy. Employment in this sector has grown much faster than the UK economy as a whole. Creatives must learn to network well with others and talk confidently about their work and ideas.

Digital Pathway logo


The future is digital.

For students wishing to develop the skills to work within the world of digital applications and information technology. Computer technology is evolving faster than ever before and demand for digital professionals with the right qualifications is at an all-time high. New industries and opportunities are appearing all the time giving rise to innovative technologies and digital solutions.

Enterprise&Management Pathway logo


Make your way in business.

The Enterprise & Management pathway is aimed at students who are interested in entrepreneurship and learning how to start and maintain a successful business. The world of business is vast and offers a variety of opportunities across many disciplines, from private, to public, and voluntary sectors. The courses in this pathway cover a range of topics which will prepare students for either employment in the industry or higher education.

Legal & Finance Pathway logo


Think success.

The UK’s legal and financial sectors are the envy of the world. Job opportunities in these areas are increasing with a high demand for well qualified professionals. The UK economy is worth £7 trillion!

Society & Culture Pathway logo


Building communities for the 21st century.

Learn about global society and progress into a career focused on communities and organisations. Research suggests that 60% of the UK’s leaders have humanities, arts, or social science degrees.